System Integration

Affordable prices for the services and outstanding quality of the products are the benefits that customers derive when working with Inovacion. Despite a high competitive spirit in the IT market, Inovacion is always open to price reviews without compromising the quality in the end.
Inovacion’s activity guarantees a successful project run. Our development and management processes are planed and understandable for the client. We address any question, concern or idea coming from the customer’s side with explanations and friendly discussions. We are always available for calls.Any business aims to use developed applications with the latest technologies in order to import new functionalities and preserve system security, privacy and integrity. At Inovacion, we conduct a process of data migration and re engineering from existing applications to newer open technologies taking into account data integrity, quality and stability. You may count on us for any of the following performed over legacy systems:

We promise we care about any single step:
  • Evaluate current technology
  • Estimate the performance gain of latest technologies
  • Requirements gathering and analysis
  • Code migration
  • Application testing
  • System deployment
  • Performance boost
  • Consolidation and code refactoring
  • User interface redesign
  • Business logic migration to new architectures and platforms
  • Security enhancement
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