Our client uses this web application to ensure that your cargo arrives in time and to give you the best solution. it is used by our staff to register all their clients, details about the efficient transport solution and its trajectory. We will help you think out the most efficient and certain transport solution.
This web application is used by albanian emigrants to register their addresses abroad. They can sign up in the system using their personal information or they can access their address using their login credentials.
Our Client uses this system to register all cars in use by its clients. The software is used to keep track of services performed in a car as well as expiring documents that need to be renewed.
Web Application to manage activity inside a call center. Its administrator can access detailed information about employees performance. Part of this system is another page that displays activity of an operator during a period of time, on a specific platform and its achievements.
Queue is a web application used by hospitals or health care centers. It displays a list of doctors of the hospital, their specialism, the patient that they are visiting at a current time and the room where this visit is being taken. This gives information to other clients who are waiting in the queue.
Any city hall aims to use developed applications with the latest technologies in order to import new functionalities and preserve system security, privacy and integrity. At Inovacion, we conduct a process of data migration and reengineering from existing applications to newer open technologies taking into account data integrity, quality and stability. City Hall of Tirana Albania has count on us for creating their website. Web Design Web Application
This Mobile Applications is the best way to take care of your health. It has never been easier to get information about the specialists you need and prepare for a visit, general information and advices about your health, list of medicines used by the patient and his/her health history. Mobile Application Android Mobile Application IOS Web Application